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Microphones for Churches and Places of Worship

Recommended by Justmics

Trantec S4.4H Handheld System

A great product for use in School or Fitness Environments

Replacement Microphone for WM-5320, WM-5325

An affordable, reliable genuine TOA microphone replacement

Shure PG14UK/PG30 Headset System

Fast and easy setup, even for beginners. Reliable and durable

TOA 3310 Lavaliere Wireless Microphone

Ideal for churches, wireless and licence free.

TOA WM-3220 Wireless Handheld Microphone

A fantastic microphone for vocal applications

IMG Stage Line FSM-170 Floor Stand Microphone

For overhead applications or for close miking applications

KAM KWM Quartet 4 Channel Rechargeable Wireless Mic System

The ultimate 4 channel system to save without losing on quality

Shure PG24UK/PG58 Performance Gear Wireless Vocal System

Fast and east set-up, even for a beginner

Radio Microphones

From the church to the karaoke bar, wireless microphones are ideal for singers and presenters -- they allow you to move freely across the stage, without being tied down by cables.

TOA Radio Microphone Spares

Is your TOA microphone crackling and making a nasty noise? Is the flex on your microphone damaged? Then you need a new one! 

Microphone Retune

The recent changes to TV Transmission from analogue to digital impacted on the legality of radio microphone usage within the UK. 

Headset Microphones

Headworn microphones are great for fitness instructors, or any presenter who can't hold a handheld microphone or clip on a lavalier microphone.

KAM Lamba
img Stage Line


As members of the ISCE and PLASA you can rest assured that the advice you receive from us when selecting the best microphone for your application will be sound advice.

Thanks to our extensive access to many manufacturers and drawing on our vast experience we will provide you with the best and most cost effective solution to your microphone needs. No matter what you’re requirement is whether that be a microphone for a church, conference facility, DJ, school, aerobics, sports facility or any other application we have probably been there and done it.

As supporting members of the NECC we are also keen to boost and expand business in the North East area so if you or your staff would like us to come out to discuss and assess your needs we can do that and we can also arrange for CPD training for many aspects of sound systems including, but not restricted to, microphones and their applications.

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