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Here at JustMics we want to ensure you find the microphone that is perfect for you and your needs at a price you can afford. Whether you're looking for a wireless, handheld or headset we are sure to have the right microphone for you. 

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We constantly strive to bring the best and most affordable prices around with quality customer service tailored to you. 

If you find our prices are being beaten elsewhere let us know on 

0191) 414 4241 or at sales@blaydoncomms.co.uk 
and see if we can beat it.

Did you know? 

Microphones are an essential part of any sound system!

The microphone is the first link in the chain from the audio source through to the broadcast from loudspeakers or recording onto a device.

In order to maximise intelligibility of any sound system the microphone is the place to start. It is very important to make sure that the correct microphone has been selected, get that right and your journey to a great audio system is well under way.

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Why choose JustMics?

As members of the ISCE and PLASA you can rest assured that the advice you receive from us when selecting the best microphone for your application will be sound advice! 
Thanks to our extensive access to many manufacturers and drawing on our vast experience we will provide you with the best and most cost effective solution to your microphone needs. No matter what youíre requirement is whether that be a microphone for a church, conference facility, DJ, school, aerobics, sports facility or any other application we have probably been there and done it. 

As supporting members of the NECC we are also keen to boost and expand business in the North East area so if you or your staff would like us to come out to discuss and assess your needs we can do that and we can also arrange for CPD training for many aspects of sound systems including, but not restricted to, microphones and their applications.


If youíre looking for good advice from an honest reliable source then us here at JustMics and Blaydon Communications are the only people you need to contact.

Don't Be Silenced!
TOA Microphone Retune

£27.00 incl. VAT

If your microphone is transmitting on a 
frequency between 854.000MHz and 
862.999MHz then itís an old channel 69 
unit which is illegal for 
use in the UK. 
If your microphone has a small sticker 
stating CH69 or D02 
then it will also be illegal. 

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