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Ratings and Reviews for  Trantec S4.04A Standard Headset System

Product Rating
2 / 5
Very basic system, no volume controls only a Gain compensation. Could not get it to work properly with my Bose system. Returned.
Christopher C. 10/9/2017 at 14h15
Thank you for your honest review. The S4.04 systems are entry level products but your lack of volume control comments will be fed back to Trantec and hopefully they'll revise future models. The S4.10 receivers do have a gain control so why they haven't included on the S4.04 is unknown to us, it was on the S4.4 receivers after all which was probably Trantec's biggest seller! We can only assume that Trantec expect the system to go into a mixer or mixer amplifier to control gain and it's a shame that your Bose system didn't have that facility either.

Thanks again for the honest and relevant review. Hopefully Trantec will listen to what the users say. 10/9/2017 at 23h46
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