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5 / 5
Good sound, sturdy construction with no "wobbling" in use.
SUSAN K. 8/16/2021 at 01h45
Thanks for taking the time to leave your review. Good to know your new microphone fits well and doesn't wobble about. It's always worth buying good quality microphones for superior sound and fit too. 9/13/2021 at 11h32
5 / 5
This is my 5th mic in 10 years. They do the job.
Y S. 8/15/2021 at 11h23
They are good mics, often abused and damaged quickly, but it just goes to show that with the correct care, they can last a good a couple of years.

Thanks for the 5 stars. 9/13/2021 at 11h30
5 / 5
This was a replacement order as my previous headset was causing some nasty feedback due to damaged wiring around the 3.5mm plug (I often have it in my pocket which caused the wire to be in a bent position so I probably did well to get a year out of it). I’ve yet to see if my original one can be fixed but the new headset works as well as expected. Great product for instructing exercise classes over loud music.
James. 12/1/2020 at 07h52
Thanks for the 5 stars and we'll be ready to serve you again as soon as you need us. Hopefully this time it will be a couple of years! 1/4/2021 at 11h47
5 / 5
Great item and price.
David S. 7/21/2019 at 18h09
Yip, we totally agree! 12/9/2019 at 16h28
4 / 5
Great headset for the money. Not always lasted as long as I would hoped but it gets a lot of use so I don't expect more than 6 / 12 months from them.
Nikki Mc. 11/28/2018 at 17h57
Thanks for the review and honest opinion. Headset microphones are one of those consumable items that simply don't last for ever. We understand this and try to keep our prices as low as possible but still supply genuine parts for you. 5/7/2019 at 16h16
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