AKG Microphones
AKG Microphones and Accessories

AKG Microphones at the best prices

AKG Microphones are used by professionals all over the world.

The AKG Microphone range includes dynamic vocal and speech mics, condensor mics and wireless

Established in 1947, AKG have cemented themselves amongst the top microphone manufacturers who sell sell microphones in the UK and here at we're happy to include the AKG microphone range in our portfolio.We're confident that AKG have a microphone to suit your needs so, if your looking to mic up a drum kit, or looking for a top quality vocal microphone then look no further than AKG.

Even with this great heritage AKG still produce microphones that are affordable for all budgets. If you've seen a product cheaper on another website we'll do our best to match or even beat that price for you - give us a call on 0191 4144241 option 2 option 1 - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Audio Technica Mics
AudioTechnica Microphone Range

Professional Microphones from Audio Technica

AudioTechnica have a huge range of microphones in their wired and wireless ranges. Microphones from Audio-Technica are suitable for all applications and they have solutions for every pocket too and they're all available from From their entry level microphones, through their tour grade professional products, Audio Technica microphones will do the job for you.

As a professional manufacturer of microphones the AudioTechnica brand will be seen in all walks of life. Whether it be on tour with live bands or in the recording studio all the way down to a DJ on Saturday night or in a house of worship on a Sunday morning AudioTechnica will have a microphone for you.

There's a fantastic range of wired and wireless systems using hand held, tie clip, boundary, gooseneck and headsets to help provide a solution for your microphone needs. The ever popular ATR range is superb for the world of YouTube and adding audio to the ever increasing world of blogging and podcasts.

Can't see what you need? Just need some help? That's what we're here for so give us a call or drop us an email from our contact page.

Chord Microphones
Chord MIcrophones and Accessories for every budget

Chord Microphones and accessories for every budget

The Chord brand was launched back in 2010 and caters for musicians and vocalists alike.

Chord have a superb reputation for quality products with microphones at affordable prices

Worth keeping an eye on, the Chord range of Microphones continues to grow and ensure its rightful place amongst the microphone manufacturers that keep the UK going. The range not only includes your standard wired dynamic microphones but also boasts a great range of UHF systems too along with a good selection of neckworn and tie clip options.

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Citronic Microphones
Citronic range of microphones and add-ons

Microphones from Citronic? Yes, they do microphones too!

OK, so we all know that Citronic make professional audio products for DJ's and the audio industry but they also have a great range of microphones too!

Over 40 years in audio has resulted in a range of Citronic Microphones and Accessories for every budget

Citronic have built a brand that offers affordability with reliability and a reputation for easy, plug and play products, that work straight out of the box. Their range of audio products have been heavily used in the entertainment and DJ sectors and now they can offer microphones as well. Their range includes your standard dynamic and condensor microphones but also studio microphones too. Oh, and there's wireless systems available too and even your good old tannoy paging microphones!

Cloud Microphones
Cloud Electronics Paging Microphones

Desktop paging microphones from Cloud Electronics

The Cloud brand needs no introduction and is renowned for providing durable products that stand the test of time.

Paging Microphones, or Tannoy's, are an essential part of the communication industry.

"Bing Bong, could a cleaner please go to aisle three", we've all heard this and therefore we've all heard a paging microphone in action. Cloud Electronics are well known for their audio mixers and amplifiers but their range of paging microphones live up to their high standards too. Manufactured in the UK they offer single zone microphones and multizone microphones that can link to their own mixers or third party equipment too.

Need advice on whether or not your system is compatible? Get in touch - contact us

Gemini DJ and Pro Audio Microphones

DJ and Pro Audio microphones from Gemini

Gemini have been providing microphones to the Pro Audio and DJ market since 1974

DJ and Pro Audio Microphones - perfect entry level systems for all.

Where would we be without DJ's entertaining us on nights out? Well that's where Gemini have been providing quality microphone systems into the Pro Audio market for many years. They offer great value for money and come up with innovative solutions and ideas to keep their products relevant in a very heavily populated microphone market place. The UHF Hand Held system from Gemini is a prime example of a great product at a fantastic price.

Img Stage Line
Microphones from IMG StageLine

IMG StageLine - Microphones and Audio Product Manufacturer

Microphones are only a tiny slice of the IMG StageLine product range but we're proud to showcase their microphone products on our website.

Microphones for all applications and budgets available within the IMG StageLine portfolio

From the studio to the stage, home user to pro DJ, the IMG StageLine lineup of microphones will have something for you. Highly rated in industry magazines the range of microphones from IMG always provide superb quality at a fraction of the cost of other major manufacturers. From wired hand held microphones to the latest wireless systems and instrument microphones there really is something for everyone.

QTX Microphones and Accessories

QTX Microphones? Yes they do microphones too!

QTX was launched back in 2009 offering a range of professional lighting solutions but they've expanded into the audio world too and now have a great range of microphones.

No matter what your budget there'll be a QTX Microphone to fulfil your needs.

Competitive microphone prices have meant that QTX have gone from strenght to strenght in the microphone market. We all know that some audio solutions need to have thousands spent on them but we also know that some applications just need a no nonesense microphone solution that will provide good performance for people on a budget. That's exactly what QTX offers - great microphones at great prices. So, from generic microphone accessories through to competitive VHF hand held systems, QTX have something for you.

DSLR and Mobile Microphones from Saramonic

Need a microphone for your camera or mobile device? Saramonic is the answer...

We're proud to include the Saramonic range of microphones and accessories on our website.

Top quality microphones for DSLR, Camcorders and Mobile Devices.

You've probably struggled to find a manufacturer that has really thought about the specific needs of the emerging mobile device microphone needs - well look no more! Saramonic offer a fantastic range of microphones and microphone tools to help you with your mobile recording, vlogging and DSLR audio needs. From lavaliere microphones for your mobile phone through to on-camera stereo microphones they have it all. People crave good audio to go with those high definition images and now you have a way to get that quality to them.

Legendary Microphones from Shure

Shure microphones - the finest microphones to immerse and inspire you. 

Outstanding microphones that lead the way in quality and sound - often copied but never matched.

Legendary microphones from the brand that everyone knows - Shure

What can we say about Shure microphones that you don't already know. Shure really do set the standard for microphones worldwide and they continue to produce the best products that perform perfectly and provide true, honest, reproduction of the spoken word, vocal performances and instrumental reproduction. With a history going back to 1925 there's simply no body better than Shure at making microphones to perfection, from the good old SM58 to the latest wireless innovations, Shure just keep on getting it right every time. 

TOA microphones and replacement parts

Get the Best Price on your TOA Microphone

JustMics is a leading supplier of microphone systems and spare parts. We offer the widest range of microphones online, sourced from market leaders to guarantee product quality.

We've been selling TOA microphones since 1972 so we are the best company for you. With years of experience in the Sound and Audio industry, we are a dedicated team willing to help if you need any advice or cannot find the mic you're looking for.

Whether you need a microphone or replacement part, you'll find it shopping at JustMics: clips, headset microphones, batteries... we have it all covered!

Did you know that TOA invented the megaphone? Well they did so that proves their heritage in the world of audio and the skills they have in microphone production.

The TOA range of microphones include boundary, desktop paging, goosenecks, hand held, tie clips and headsets.

These are available in wired versions as well as UHF, VHF and 2 4GHz wireless. Encompassing the Trantec brand TOA Corporation are a force to be reckoned with and we can offer their entire range to you at the best prices in the UK.

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