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Adastra CS-5 Call Station for RZ45 Audio Matrix

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About Adastra CS-5 Call Station for RZ45 Audio Matrix

The Adastra CS-5 is a paging microphone with a call station base. It is designed to be used with the Adastra RZ45 audio matrix. If you don't have an RZ45 then please feel free to call our sales team on 0191 414 4241 and we can provide you with a quote for the full system.

When used with the RZ45, the CS-5 forms a comprehensive paging system. Zone assign buttons allow for intuitive calling to any combination of up to 5 zones, with the page button automatically muting audio playback in those areas for clear vocal announcements. There are 8 paging chimes to choose from, as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input allowing you to broadcast pre-recorded messages and alerts.

The CS-5 comes with a 1m RJ45 patch lead to connect the microphone to the RZ45, which conveniently passes both the signal and powers the unit, however remote wiring is also possible via CAT5 lead up to 1km when using the optional 24Vdc adaptor.

The power supply is 24Vdc, 500mA from RJ45 or optional adaptor
The maximum connection length is 100m (CAT5 cable) or 1km with optional 24Vdc adaptor
The capsule is a Back electret condenser
The polar pattern is Cardioid
The controls are Aux/Mic/Chime levels, chime DIP switches, zone/page buttons
The connectors are XLR, RJ45 to RJ45, 24Vdc power jack, 3.5mm aux in
The frequency response ±3dB is 150Hz - 22kHz
The input levels are - Mic: -46dBV, Aux: -10dBV
The input impedances are - Mic: 600 Ohms, Aux: 50k Ohms
The output level is 10dBV
The output impedance (balanced) is 600 Ohms
The S/N ratio is -60dB (all channels selected)
The interface is RS-485 control
The zone assign is 5 zones, any combination

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