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AKG CBL31 WLS Boundary Microphone for Wireless Use

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About the AKG CBL31 WLS Boundary Microphone for Wireless Use

The AKG CBL31 WLS is a heavy duty professional boundary layer microphone which can function wirelessly when combined with a selection of AKG's wireless systems. 

The CBL31 itself features the same cardioid capsule used in the HM1000CK31, which means that it has a cardioid pickup pattern which works on a 120° angle. This allows for more mobility in front of the microphone, making it ideal for presentation or conferencing purposes. For further information on cardioid pickup patterns, please check out our blog here.

The CBL31 can be upgraded to operate wirelessly, which does require an additional wireless system which is not included. Given that the audio output on the CBL31 is via a mini XLRF this is the way we would recommend that the product is used, as it truly expands the functionality of the microphone.

It is compatible with the AKG WMS40 or WMS470 systems and you would need to ensure that you have a compatible input on your system to allow for connection to the wireless receiver. Not sure how all this would work with what you have? Feel free to provide our sales team with a description or pictures of your setup, just contact them via [email protected] and they'll be happy to help you work things out. 

The belt pack transmitter from the wireless system connects to the CBL31 and will fit right into the housing on the back of the microphone, transforming it into a completely wireless solution. There is a rugged mute switch capable of withstanding more than 25,000 switching cycles, as well as an LED bar which clearly shows whether you're live or not. 

A general specification is provided below, or you can check out the full datasheet by using the "Additional Information" button at the top of the page. 

General Specifications
Audio frequency bandwidth - 50 - 20000Hz
Equivalent noise level - 21 dB-A
Sensitivity - 20 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise - 73 dB-A
Electrical impedance - 600 Ohms
Recommended load impedance - 2000 Ohms
Polar Pattern - Cardioid

Length - 145mm
Width - 107mm
Height - 45mm
Net Weight - 960g

Body - Metal
Finish - Matte Black

Audio Output
Type - Mini XLR
Gender - Female
Contacts - 3-pin

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