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AKG HM1000CK31 Cardioid Hanging Microphone

AKG Microphones
(Code: AKG0190_AKG0077)
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HM1000 Version :
£ 336.00
£ 285.60

About the AKG HM1000CK31 Cardioid Hanging Microphone

The AKG HM1000 is a suspended modular unit designed to allow for pick up of music or speech on theatre stages, conference rooms, or in houses of worship. 

Please note that the HM1000CK31 is a modular unit - this means that this version comes with a cardioid capsule with a 125° pickup pattern. For further information on cardioid microphone pickup patterns, please check out our blog here.

There are different selectable versions available which each come with their own capsule. Prices for individual or additional capsules are available on request, please contact our sales team at [email protected] for further information. 

The HM1000 comes with a 10m (33ft) cable which comes pre-treated to reduce twisting, even in environments where the temperature may vary. There is a spring steel hanging clamp which holds the module securely in position and ensures that you have precise microphone alignment. 

The contacts for the microphone modules are highly reliable to prevent contact problems and to ensure an extra long lifespan. There is also a switchable LED ring which aids during soundchecks so that the engineer can monitor the system functionality. 



Bass Cut Filter - 250 Hz
Recommended Load Impedance - 2000 Ohms

Powering Interface
Voltage - Requires Phantom Power 9 to 52 V
Current - 2 mA

Audio Output
Type - Balanced XLR
Gender - Male
Contacts - 3-pin

Finish - matte dark grey

Dimensions / Weight
Height - 50 mm
Diameter - 13.5 mm
Net Weight - 400 g
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