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Antennae and Distribution

Antennae for your Wireless Microphones

Why would I need remote antennae?

Wireless microphones are fantastic but the antennae requirements need to be considered carefully. The range of wireless microphones can be seriously effected by all sorts of different environmental factors. 
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before buying your Antenna:
  • Will it be compatible with my system?
  • Will l need a distribution unit?
  • Where should the antennae be positioned?
If you're looking for wireless antennae then look no further...

Ensuring your wireless microphones work correctly

Antennae and the distribution needs of wireless microphone systems are often overlooked, but we cannot stress enough the need to carefully consider this very important part of your wireless setup.
Wireless antennae need to be positioned in the correct place and the correct quantity of antennae need to be installed. If you need any advice concerning this make sure to contact our sales team prior to making your purchase.
You should also keep in mind that stacking receivers on top of each other may cause all sorts of issues for you, so make sure you consider using rack mounts as well as the correct wireless antennae and distribution right from the start.
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