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Audio Technica AT8681 Microphone Combiner

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Combine two microphones into one input with the AT8681 from AudioTechnica

Run out of microphone inputs? Save yourself the cost of upgrading by combining two microphones into one channel with this great little box from Audio Technica.

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If you're going to combine microphones then pick ones that are similar in usage and placement. This microphone combiner is not a mixer, it just lets you use one microphone input for two microphones.

  1. #Summary#
    • Microphone combining box to allow two microphones to share one input
    • Balance control offers control over audio level
    • Microphone inputs are female balanced XLR sockets
    • Microphone output is a male balanced XLR socket
    • Needs phantom power to work - 24v to 48v acceptable
    • Phantom power is passed through to the microphone inputs
    • Great build quality using rugged steel for a strong housing
    • Audio Technica audio quality is guaranteed
  2. #Description#

    What do you do when you need an extra microphone input but there's no inputs left on your sound system? Well, you could upgrade your mixer or amplifier and get a one with more inputs but that's such a shame when you already know your mixing device inside out and you only really need an extra input.

    The answer is to use a mic combiner and we are proud to recommend the AT8681 from Audio Technica. Audio Technica are renowned for quality in the microphone marketplace and the AT8681 2 into 1 microphone combiner certainly lives up to that reputation.

    The AT8681 is the ideal professional tool for combining two microphone into one input. It's a simple as that really, but there are a few things to consider before you pile in and start to share microphone signals.

    With regards to connecting this up, the AT8681 uses industry standard, 3 pin XLR connectors, for both the input and output of the microphone combiner. The unit can be installed anywhere in the microphone signal chain making it ideal for use near to the mixer or amplifier but just as happy right there at the microphone position on stage.

    You're going to need to make sure that phantom power is available as it does need this to work. Good thing is that the phantom power voltage from the mixer is also sent on to the microphones and it can work from any voltage between 24v DC and 48v DC making it compatible with just about all commercial and professional audio devices.

    From a quality point of view you're not going to find better than the Audio Technica AT8681. It's rugged steel housing adds to it's robustness providing a long service life in all applications. The AT8681 can also be permanently mounted via the mounting holes on the side of the metal housing making ideal for the installation market including houses of worship etc.

    The unit offers a balancing control to allow you to tweak the audio between the two microphones which sets this unit above others in the marketplace.

    So just to summarise how to use this item...

    You will need a microphone input on your sound system that has phantom power available. The output of the Audio Technica AT8681 is then connected to the mixer input using a balanced XLR lead. You can then plug microphones into both inputs on the combiner and the audio is merged together and sent onto the mixer ready to be broadcast over your sound system. You can use both dynamic and condenser microphones thanks to the phantom power pass through facility. Finally, adjust the balance between the two microphones by using the small rotary control on the AT8681.

    That's it, your all set up and ready to mic share from two microphones into one input. Best of all you've saved yourself the hassle and expense of upgrading your mixing equipment.
  3. #Technical#
    INPUT CONNECTORS Female XLR - balanced
    OUTPUT CONNECTOR Male XLR - balanced
    PHANTOM POWER 24v to 48v Required. 2mA to 4mA current draw typically.
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz - 20,000Hz
    NOISE -115dBV Typical
    GAIN Unity (0dB), +0/-1.5dB
    INPUT IMPEDANCE 10,000 ohms
    MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL +15dBV (1% THD @ 1kHz)
    WEIGHT 250 grams (8.8 oz.)
    DIMENSIONS 130mm x 60mm x 44mm
    ACCESSORIES None included with this item
  4. #Downloads#
    Audio Technica AT8681 Datasheet

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