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Audio-Technica Mics

AudioTechnica Microphone Range

Audio Technica Microphones | Professional and Personal Solutions

Audio Technica provide a large range of microphones guaranteeing that we will be able to provide a microphone for you. The audio quality from every microphone is superb and, combined with the durable build quality, Audio Technica will provide a value for money investment that can't be beaten.

Wireless and wired options are included in their range and if your budget is high or low there will be a microphone solution for you. UHF and 2.4GHz technologies have been used enabling licence and interference free broadcasts to be a reality for users at all levels.

The Audio Technica brand is popular with bands and touring companies thanks to the vocal and instrument microphones range that they know can be depended on gig after gig. This results in a one stop shop when looking for a mic for your lead singer, lead guitarist - using an electric guitar or acoustic guitar, or for that SPL busting kick drum. Audio Technica's dynamic microphones are built to take just about anything that you throw at them. When we say throw we don't literally mean throw, but if the gig is going bad then maybe this is a good thing as many a disgruntled customer may have thrown an object or two at a performing artist!

For the more tame user in the church, corporate or personal market, there's also condenser microphones to pick up even the quietest of speech and capture the high frequency detail perfectly. Read our blog on the difference between condenser and dynamic microphones for a quick overview of the differences.

Houses of Worship will often require a small diaphragm design to make sure the aesthetic solution, on the lectern or pulpit, is as perfect as the spoken word so a flexible gooseneck, just like the PRO47TL would be an ideal choice. Let's not forget the main celebrant though, tie clips and headsets are often the best personal solution for that crisp audio reproduction. Audio Technica have those too along with general purpose hand held microphones just like the AT8033 which is a great all rounder suitable for speech and instrument use; an ideal one off purchase to cover just about every event including those whispering kids during the nativity!

YouTube and Podcast artists are more concerned about perfecting the recording so a large diaphragm condenser option may be more desirable; the AT2020USB+ is one of our most popular options as it is available with a professional XLR termination or a direct USB connection too. 

A large recording mic sometimes isn't the answer and certainly a small meeting environment wouldn't need or want this solution but worry not! Compact boundary microphones like the ATR4697 will save the day and provide a discrete solution that will connect to just about any portable recording device you have, even your laptop. 

It's difficult to make the perfect choice for a microphone but we do it everyday so why not pick up the phone and give us a all on 0191 4144241 or use our contact page and get yourself some free professional advice. If Audio Technica don't have a solution then we're sure that Trantec or TOA will.

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