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Big Mic Ball

Big Mic Ball - The Throwable Microphone Holder

Do you need to make Audience Interactions fun and convenient?

If you're in charge of an event which involves audience participation then you will know that getting people to join in can be difficult at the best of times. Most people will freeze up when having a microphone thrust into their face! 
Enter the Big Mic Ball, the fun way to get audiences involved in the discussion or to ask the presenter a question. You simply secure a wireless transmitter and lapel microphone inside the Big Mic Ball, then comes the fun part; you can chuck it around the room! You can rest assured that your expensive wireless microphone kit is completely protected inside the ball. 
Here are the questions you should be asking before purchasing your Big Mic Ball:
  • Will my beltpack transmitter and lapel fit inside the ball? (The answer is going to be yes!)
  • What colour do I want my Big Mic Ball to be?
  • Who am I going to throw my Big Mic Ball at first?!
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Made in Britain: The Big Mic Ball is Big, Bright and Bouncy!

The Big Mic Ball is manufactured from the same material as a stress ball, which menas that you won't need to "stress" about keeping your microphone safe when it's being hurled across a room!
The microphone is held inside a black foam insert which fits snugly inside the top of the ball. The user then speaks into the top of the black foam and that's all there is to it! 
If you do have any concerns about the Big Mic Ball then please contact our sales team who can answer all your Big Mic Ball questions.
Big Mic Ball Color
£ 138.00
(-13.04%) £ 120.00
Big Mic Rugby Ball
£ 162.00
(-13.58%) £ 140.00
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