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Boundary Microphones

Boundary Microphone Selection

What's a boundary microphone?

A boundary microphone is basically a very sensitive microphone that is deigned to pick up the spoken word at a distance.
Generally, they are desktop or table mounted microphones and normally positioned about 600mm, or 2 feet, away from the talker. This can vary depending on lots of variables, so it's always worth a quick chat with us before finalising your purchase.
If you need a permanent solution, there are through counter microphones and through ceiling boundary microphones available too.

Boundary Microphones For All Applications

Depending on what environment you're going to use your boundary microphone in will often determine the mounting preference and pick  up pattern.
The most popular boundary microphone pickup patterns are cardioid or omnidirectional, but there are other specific patterns that could fit your needs better. 
If you are trying to pick up audio from one person, then you'd normally go for a cardioid pick up pattern. The omnidirectional ones would normally be to pick up several people maybe round a table for instance.
No matter what your boundary mic needs are, be it conference microphone applications or a microphone for a church altar, we can advise and steer you in the right direction. There's plenty to choose from and we can offer wired or wireless boundary microphone solutions.
Feel free to give us a call on 0191 4144241 option 2 option 1, for some free advice and a no obligation chat.
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