Chord DCN-35 Discreet Cardioid Neckband Headset Microphone for Wireless Systems

Chord Microphones
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The Chord DCN-35 is the ideal choice if you want a discreet cardioid neckband headset microphone at a reasonable price. It's compatible with Chord, Citronic or QTX VHF/UHF wireless belt pack transmitters. The microphone and lead are neutrally coloured and itís ideal for presenting or stage performance.


If you have an old wireless system that you just canít seem to source a replacement headset microphone for, and it has a threaded 3.5mm mono jack connection, then this may be exactly what youíre looking for.


The pickup pattern is cardioid, and the microphone is a condenser that uses a 2-10 Vdc power supply. Itís also compatible with most laptop mic inputs, so can be used as a budget friendly recording option or video conferencing microphone.

The transducer type is an Cardioid condenser
The connector is a 3.5mm threaded mono jack
The colour is Beige
The power supply is 2-10Vdc


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