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Chord DI-P1 Passive Direct Injection Box

(Code: Chord DI-P1 Passive Direct Injection Box)
£ 19.99

About Chord DI-P1 Passive Direct Injection Box:

The Chord DI-P1 Passive DI Box was superbly created for converting high impedance instrument outputs to low impedance line signals, which in turn, are then directly fed into a mixing console. This Passive DI Box contains an internal Buffer Amplifier; further boosting the signal.

Low impedance (Lo-Z) is capable of longer cable runs via XLR connection with lower signal degradation than high impedance. 
Comes equipped with 3 pad settings, RF/mains filter and selector for ground lift (with or without filter).

If you're searching for an Active Direct Injection Box - rather than a passive one, simply click here!

The DI-P1 features are as follows include

  • 3 Pad Settings for Level Matching
  • Ground Lift option isolates signal ground w/o filter
  • Ground Float option for ground lift with RF/mains filter
Technical Specifications include
  • Weight234g
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohms
  • Input Impedance: >100k Ohms
  • Input: 6.3mm jack (Unbalanced)
  • Dimensions: 86mm W x 45mm H x 70mm D
  • Controls: 0/-20/-40dBu Pad & Ground-Float-Lift switch
  • Outputs: XLRM (Balanced), 6.3mm jack through (Unbalanced)

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