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Chord DM02 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Chord Microphones
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Availability date: 5 Dec 2021
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Entry Level Handheld Dynamic Microphone

Perfect handheld wired microphone for those on a tight budget but still need a professional mic.

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This mic has a hypercardioid pick up pattern and may be susceptible to the bass boosting proximity effect. Keep a nice distance from mouth to mic to maximise quality.

  1. #Summary#
    • Budget handheld professional microphone.
    • Dynamic head so it can take high levels of audio.
    • Great for stage, studio, clubs, bingo, DJ and Karaoke
    • Carry case pouch and clip included.
    • Rugged metal construction.
    • Suitable for male and female vocals.
    • Wide dynamic range.
    • Suitable for bands and instruments too.
    The Chord DM02 is an ideal choice for people on a budget but still need a professional handheld microphone. Whether you're looking for a microphone for use on a stage or a basic microphone for studio use, this one will do the job for you.

    The DM02 has a great frequency response and could be used equally as well for vocal use or for miking up an instrument. Even drums won't give this mic a hard time thanks to its maximum sound pressure level of 144 dB it can take a lot of loud audio over a long term without breaking it.

    The pickup pattern is hypercardioid which means it will reject noise from the sides better and really focus in on the sound coming straight into the microphone. You may have heard of the proximity effect on microphones and this microphone will suffer from this if you get too close. This has nothing to do with the build quality or the cost, it's just something that happens with directional mics.

    Hypercardioid mics aren't as bad as figure 8 microphones but this type of microphone does suffer from the bass boosting proximity effect. If this is going to be a problem for you then you may want to consider an omnidirectional mic instead. We're always here to offer free advice and help you make the perfect microphone choice for any budget and any application so don't hesitate to get in touch.

    As with most hand held microphones of a decent quality, the Chord DM02 comes with an XLR output. Making it suitable for all professional sound equipment with balanced microphone inputs. Although this is an entry level microphone, you'll still get great sound from it and it has a presence boost feature too which will really help with vocal intelligibility.

    This microphone is very popular amongst our DJ and Karaoke customers thanks to it's low cost the impact on your cash flow is limited. The rugged build quality and high tolerance to high audio levels also make it a great pro audio mic. The fact that it comes with a nice little carry case, and a 4m XLR lead, increases this mics value for money.

    Part of the DJ world is working with social clubs and you'll find this microphone in lots of them around the UK. The versatility and robustness results in this being a great choice for the social club world. It will easily survive the blowing into it from the committee member and still be good for bingo and the raffle later in the night.

    Supplied in a retail box will make this the perfect gift for anybody that needs a new microphone. From the budding singer belting out classics in the bedroom through to the professional DJ's hosting events and the top UK clubs.

    As standard, you get about -53dB analogue signal output making it perfect to plug straight into a standard analogue mixer. In this digital world you would need an interface kit to change the analogue signal to digital but even that's an easy process nowadays.

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  3. #Technical#
    ELEMENT Dynamic
    POLAR PATTERN Hypercardioid
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 50Hz to 16,000Hz
    OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY -53 dB ±3B (0dB=1V/Pa @ 1kHz)
    WEIGHT 230 grams
    CABLE 4m XLR
    DIMENSIONS 175mm x 50mm
    ACCESSORIES Clip, pouch and lead
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