Chord NU20-N Dual UHF Beltpack Wireless Microphone System

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About Chord NU20-N Dual UHF Beltpack Wireless Microphone System


The Chord NU20-N is the ideal choice if you want a dual UHF lapel microphone system at a reasonable price. The system comes with two beltpack transmitters which connect to a 19” rack mountable dual receiver on UK licence free wireless frequencies (863.8 and 864.8MHz). The wireless range is up to 60m.


The unit comes with a UK mains power adaptor for the receiver and 4 x AA batteries for the belt pack transmitters. It comes with 2 headsets and 2 lavalier lapel microphones. The receiver is also compatible with standard 19" racking. The UHF antennas and extension leads are also included in the box, along with the 19” rack mounting ears as well.


The receiver has two balanced XLRM outputs or a single unbalanced 6.3mm mixed output. XLR leads are available below should you wish to use the balanced outputs.


If you have an old wireless system and you’re looking to upgrade or replace it, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for.


The power supply is 14Vdc 350mA (mains adaptor included)

The transmitters require 4 x AA batteries (2 per transmitter, included)

The carrier frequencies are 863.8MHz and 864.8MHz

The range is up to 60m

The signal to noise ratio is >80dB

The THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is <0.5% @1KHz

The frequency response is 50Hz-18KHz (±3dB)

The output impedance is 2.2k Ohms

The output level is 400mV (balanced), 200mV (unbalanced)


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