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Chord UP2-BR Beltpack Receiver and Earphones

Chord Microphones
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About Chord UP2-BR Beltpack Receiver and Earphones

The Chord UP2-BR is a selectable channel UHF beltpack wireless microphone receiver. It operates on UK licence free frequencies (863.25MHz or 864.75MHz).

The receiver unit can be connected to any line input for regular wireless microphone operation or as a wireless link to an active speaker.

The frequency is switchable on the UP2-BR receiver which allows you to use two systems independently of one another in the same area, or to allow users to switch between two different transmissions

Unlimited UP2-BR receivers may be used in unison with 1 or 2 UP2-BT beltpack or UP2-HT handheld transmitters for any application that requires multi-listeners, such as guided tours, interpreted presentations or a silent disco.

The unit comes with a set of over-ear headphones, a 4-pole 3.5mm lead and 2 x AA batteries so you’ll be ready to get set up straight out of the box.

The power supply is 3Vdc (2 x AA batteries included)
The carrier frequencies are 863.25 MHz + 864.75 MHz
The controls are an Off-Ch1-Ch2 slide switch, Output level rotary
The headphone connector is an AF out 3.5mm (stereo summed to mono)
The headphone impedance is >16 Ohms
The headphone power is 2 x 50mW @ 1kHz (THD 3%)
The line output is a 3.5mm 4-pole (input to smartphone via headphone jack)
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