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Citronic PP481 Single Channel Phantom PSU

Citronic Microphones
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About Citronic PP481 Single Channel Phantom PSU

Citronic PP481 is a single channel phantom power supply.

Phantom power required by condenser microphones is sometimes not available from the host mixer or amplifier so an external power supply needs to be included in the audio chain. The PP481 from Citronic is the ideal power supply when you only have one microphone that needs powered via phantom.

The output voltage from the PP481 is +48v DC which is generally the industry standard although some manufacturers of equipment have different output voltages. It's always worth checking that the phantom power capabilities of your microphone fall within the range of the power supply.

Connectivity to the unit is via industry standard 3 pin XLR's 

If you're in any doubt just let us know which microphone you have and we'll let you know if this is OK.

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