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Cloud PM4 Paging Microphone

Cloud Microphones
(Code: PM4)
£ 318.00
£ 270.30

About Cloud PM4 Paging Microphone

The Cloud PM4 paging microphone is a simple to use paging microphone which is designed for multizone paging and it can also be used with non-Cloud products.

The features of the PM4 include:

- Individual or multiple zone selection for paging
- Definable zone groups with group selection
- 'TALK' and 'CALL ALL' buttons
- Pre-paging chime with internal chime sounder
- Configurable two-layer paging priority system
- Auto zone reset after paging and zone disable
- Suitable for free-standing or wall mounted operation

The PM series is designed to be used directly with Cloud products and can be connected using standard CAT-5 cable and RJ45 connectors. We have a range of compatible Cloud amplifiers and mixers which we can supply. For more information please contact our sales team on 0191 414 4241.

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