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DI Boxes


What is a DI-Box and why do I need one? 

DI Box, an absolute must-have in recording studios!

DI Box, from Direction Injection Box is a tool well needed when recording any sound. 

Indeed, the DI Box has the role of transforming unbalanced and high-impedance (HI-Z) signals into balanced and low-impedance (low-Z) signals using connectors or cables. 

It basically connects instruments to any multitrack recorder or console, but also has other utilities: 

  • it isolates the instruments 
  • it removes external noises
  • it records for instance a direct guitar signal so that it can be later used for mixing

In few words, it is the perfect tool to record a live instrument without any noise bleed for instance.

They can be used on microphones, instruments or any other auxiliary source.

Active or Passive DI Box?

There are two types of DI-Boxes: 

  • active DI Box
  • passive DI Box

The last one, the passive DI box, has the great feature of not requiring power in order to work. Passive DI Boxes are made of an audio transformer which works like any dynamic microphone. They are the best option for instruments with an high ouput such as actives basses for instance of any keyboard. 

Active DI Boxes on the other hand, usually include a preamplifier which handles lower signals but still sound good . They are usually transparent tonally and really quiet. 

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