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Dynamic Microphones - What are those?

Dynamic Microphones - What are those?

What is a dynamic microphone? 

A dynamic microphone creates an audio signal by taking advantage of the fact that when an electrical conductor is moved through amagnetic field an electric current is induced into that conductor.

The most common type of dynamic microphone uses a moving coilto create the audio signal. In a moving coil microphone there will be a verythin membrane that picks up vibrations in the air from the audio source whetherthat be voice or picking up an instrument sound. The membrane is attached tothe coil so when the membrane moves the coil moves too.

The coil itself is a surrounded by a permanent magnet so asthe coil moves in the magnetic field the required electrical current is produced.This electrical current is then transmitted to the audio mixer or amplifierwhere it is amplified and eventually reaches your loudspeakers.

Dynamic moving coil microphones do not need any externalpower and they are normally very sturdy and robust which makes them ideal for stageuse. Generally, they aren’t as sensitive as other types of microphone and cannormally take a lot of abuse making them perfect for applications that involvehigh levels of sound. Dynamic mics are generally less sensitive to higherfrequencies too so if you don’t need perfect high frequency pick up in youraudio capture then a dynamic microphone is probably the way to go (and they’re normallythe cheapest option too!).

As a dynamic microphone is essentially an electromagneticdevice you do need to be careful if you’re using them in the presence of aninduction loop system but if you need any advice on that then that’s why we arehere so get in touch.

*Thanks to AudioTechnica for image

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