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Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-1001 10" Round Base Mic Stand

Gator Frameworks
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The Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-1001 is a deluxe 10" round base microphone stand which can fit both US or European mic clips. It is made with heavy duty steel, with a minimum height of 40" (1016mm) and a maximum of 63" (1600mm). But what exactly makes this stand "deluxe" when compared to other stands?

For starters, the GFW-MIC-1001 has one handed height adjustment. There is a soft touch single handed clutch, so with a simple squeeze of the trigger you can make quick and easy adjustments to the height of the stand. Great news for solo vocalists! If you're using a wired microphone then the GFW-MIC-1001 has you covered as well. The removable and adjustable cable management clips help to keep your setup clean, tidy and secure. 

The weighted round base keeps the stand securely in place, and the bottom features a no-slip rubber noise reducing gasket. This helps to reduce unwanted vibrations and footfall noise affecting the microphone, as well as protecting the flooring as well. After all, the last thing you want to do is scuff up the stage!


Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Height - 63"
Exterior Weight - 10 pounds

Shipping Dimensions
Exterior Length - 38"
Exterior Width - 16"
Exterior Height - 5"
Exterior Weight - 10.80 pounds

Detailed Specifications
Minimum Height - 40" (1016mm)
Maximum Height - 63" (1600mm)

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