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Hypercardioid Pickup Pattern

Hypercardioid Pickup Pattern

What is the Hypercardioid Pickup Pattern? 

As part of our explanations on microphone pick up patterns we've been requested to include the hypercardioid pattern the we previously mentioned but didn't expand on.

A hypercardioid pattern is very similar to a supercardioid pattern but it has an even narrower front pick up angle. This can be very beneficial if you are trying to filter out unwanted noise or control feedback in an acoustic environment but it does have its downsides too. Because of the narrow front pickup a very disciplined microphone technique will be required to make sure the user directs their speech or vocal within the pickup angle. If the user can be taught the correct microphone technique then the benefits will be fantastic.

As with everything in this life you don't get anything for nothing so the tighter front control will also result in a rear pickup lobe which will be greater than a standard cardioid microphone. This is best understood by looking at the great polar pattern provided by our friends at Shure.

So to summarise, the hyper cardioid microphone pickup pattern has a very narrow forward pickup pattern ideal to help control noise pickup but you'll need to be careful about what rear noise is picked up and don't forget about the proximity effect whereby the bass response of the microphone increases if the user gets too close.


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