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Microphone Mixers and Mixing Consoles

Control your microphones with a microphone mixer from JustMics

Looking to expand a sound system or just have better control of your existing microphones and sound sources? You need a microphone mixer.
When you run out of capacity on your sound system the easiest option is to add a mixer. Great systems like the Samson MixPad will allow a lot more microphones and other sound sources to be easily integrated into your system.
Whatever your microphone mixer needs to do, we can help you choose the best solution for your technical requirement and budget. All you need to do is speak with our expert advisers who know all there is to know about microphone mixers.

What do I need to know to buy a microphone mixer?

Don't worry about giving us a call, we won't bombard you with a million technical questions that you can't answer, but we will need to know a few things to help select the best microphone mixer for you.
We'll need to know how many microphones and sound sources you're wanting to mix. We'll need to know what your existing sound system is to make sure it's easy for you to connect your new microphone mixer up. And that's about it!
No sound system because you're connection to a laptop or mobile device? We can help with that too. Lots of microphone mixers available that can connect via USB to your laptop just like the very affordable uPad mixer. There are even compact ones that can mount direct to your mobile phone and mount on stands, just like the superb Saramonic Smart Mixer
If you need more microphone leads we can sort all that for you too.
Ready to go for it?? Contact our sales team who will be happy to help you. 
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