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Microphone Polar Patterns

Microphone Polar Patterns We've briefly covered how to read a microphone frequency response in another blog entry, but you may have heard of microphone polar patterns too. Knowing which microphone to choose can be the difference between a poor sound system and a great sound system so it's important to know what you're looking for. The pick-up pattern of the microphone head is most certainly an important factor in deciding which microphone to choose but what do all the options actually mean?

You've probably heard of uni-directional and omni-directional but what's the difference? In addition to these two basic, and most widely used terms, there's also words that appear such as cardioid, super cardioid, figure-8, hyper cardioid and then there's the wonderful microphones that have the capability of multiple pickup patterns!

The type of microphone pickup pattern is generally described using one of the terms previously mentioned but the handier information from manufacturers will generally be provided in the form of a polar pattern graph. These provide a wealth of information showing the directional capabilities of a microphone and tells you details of the directionality of different frequencies.

This can be a complex subject but, over the coming blog entries, we'll give you an overview and explanation of each pick up pattern in turn so keep coming back and learn a thing or two about microphones.

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