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Microphone Spares

Microphone Spares

Can I fix my microphone rather than replacing it?

Microphones are great when they work, but unfortunately there will always be a time when you need a spare part for your microphone or you need a new microphone altogether.
We are here to help you through the process of getting the correct microphone parts and replacements for your microphone system.
Microphone spares and replacement parts available for your TOA Microphone, Trantec Microphone, Audio Technica, IMG Stageline or Shure microphone system 
If you aren't sure which microphone part you need just give us a call or drop us an email and we'll make sure you get the correct part.
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing replacement parts:
  • Does it match the existing parts?
  • Is it definitely compatible?
  • If replacing a transmitter, have I selected the right frequency?
If you're looking for a spare part or just some friendly advice then look no further.

A wide range of microphone replacement parts

Even the most robust microphones aren't going to last forever. This is where our replacement and spare parts come in handy.
Whether you've got a tie-clip microphone that's been wrapped around the transmitter one too many times or you've lost your windshield and can't find it, rest assured that if a part can be replaced then we'll be able to source it for you. 
Don't worry if you can't find the spare part you're looking for on our website either. As the saying goes here in the North East; "Shy Bairns get nowt!" so get in touch with the make and model of your microphone and we'll be able to find out if parts are still available, or recommend an alternative solution for you.
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