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Multi-Pattern Microphones

Multi-Pattern MicrophonesOver the last few weeks we've been picking away at different microphone pickup patterns and provided a brief overview of each pattern in turn; these included the most popular cardioid pattern along with the super-cardioid, omni-directional and figure-8 patterns. There's a few other patterns too such as the hyper-cardioid and sub cardioid but we've decided to just focus on the basic set for now.

So now that you're a bit more clued up on what each pattern is you may have a clear idea of which microphone you should be looking for but what happens if you have the need for multiple pickup patterns? There's the obvious choice of purchasing different microphones to cover different applications and this is the most popular route to go down as you can also choose microphones that suit the tonal requirements of the application in conjunction with the pickup pattern however, there are still situations where you may only want to purchase a single microphone for all situations.

Well there's no need to panic because a lot of the major manufacturers offer microphones that allow you to choose the pickup pattern at the flick of a switch. The selection on the microphone is normally marked up with small icons relating to pick up pattern and if you check out the image of the Audio-Technica AT4047MP you'll see an example of typical markings. If you look closely enough you'll see that each symbol looks like the pickup pattern that we've previously covered in our other blog entries so now you know which one to choose!

We hope these recent posts have provided some help to those of you either just starting out with sound equipment or maybe provided a little refresher to those of you who have been around a little longer.
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