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Omni-Directional Pick-Up Pattern

Omni-Directional Pick-Up Pattern

What a omni-directional microphone? 

If youíve heard of the term omni-directional microphone you may be wondering what itís all about? Basically, the word Ďomnií is a Latin prefix that means Ďallí or Ďeveryí so in the term omni-directional microphone it tells us that the microphone will pick up sound from every direction.

Whilst omni-directional microphones have their uses, and are employed a lot around the world, you still need to appreciate their capabilities and ensure correct replacement. As they can pick up sound from all directions the chances of inducing unwanted noise into your feed is greatly increased and this can also result in feedback occurring which you definitely donít want. They are fantastic for picking up the ambient noise in a space to add to your recording and can also be used for induction loop systems to ensure the hard of hearing are included in the atmosphere of a room instead of just being fed the main source material.

All microphones start out their lives as omni-directional and then those clever engineers do their stuff and apply techniques and construction methods to manipulate and shape alternative pickup patterns such as cardioid and super- cardioid as previously discussed.

Looking at the diagram below you can see that for the vast amount of frequencies the pick-up capabilities from all around the microphone head are pretty static and have the same capabilities. Itís not until you get into the higher frequencies that directionality kicks in; on this microphone you can see the 10kHz frequency does exhibit directionality and thatís why itís important to understand your microphones capabilities.

Polar Pattern - Omni-Directional
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