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Paging 'Tannoy' Microphones

Paging microphones for every tannoy system

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Tannoy and public address systems rely on a good quality paging microphone.

We offer a large range of paging microphones with a range of connectors to suit your needs

Most tannoy systems require a simple microphone that allows speech to be broadcast when a button is pressed and held down. For longer announcements there are units available with locking switches. We offer a range of units with different connectors to fit whichever amplifier you have.

Multizone microphones are also available for connection to more complicated public address systems. The latest digital paging microphones can be manufacturer specific, so if you want to check that you're getting the correct microphone just get in touch.

We also offer replacement power supplies and handheld microphones as well.

TOA PM660 Paging Microphone
£ 79.40
(-19.99%) £ 63.53
TOA PM660U Paging Microphone
£ 95.58
(-20.00%) £ 76.46
TOA PM660D Paging Microphone
£ 95.58
(-20.00%) £ 76.46
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