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Power Supplies and Batteries

Power Supplies, Batteries and Charging Docks

What is the best way to power a wireless microphone?

Wireless microphones are great, but the lack of wires means that you'll still need the power to come from somewhere! This is where batteries come in and really you should make sure that you're using good quality alkaline ones; you don't want to be cut off during the middle of a performance for using the 10 for a quid AA's from the supermarket! 
We've got good quality professional AA batteries available on our site and we even have professional AAA and PP3 batteries as well, just get in touch with our sales team if you're interested. We also do rechargable batteries, charging docks and all sorts of power supplies. If you can't see what you're looking for then just get in touch and we'll help you to find a solution. 
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before buying your batteries or power supply:
  • Will the battery fit in my transmitter?
  • Is the power supply designed for use with my receiver?
  • Will this charging dock work with my microphone?
If you're looking for the best way to power your wireless microphone then look no further...

Professional batteries and power supplies for wireless microphone systems

Have you even found yourself coming to use your wireless microphone only to find that the battery is missing is dead? It's always worth having spares and it's definitely worth buying good quality ones. 
The other thing you may experience is a missing or broken power lead; perhaps some kind person has decided to tidy up and wrapped the lead around the unit too tightly and damaged it? That's where we come in; we're here to get you back up and running ASAP. 
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TOA AD-5000-6 Power Supply
£ 74.40
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