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Pulse Analogue to Digital Converter - XLR to USB

Pulse Analogue to Digital Converter - XLR to USB

(Code: PULSE_PLS000510)
£ 21.35
£ 16.00

Analogue to Digital Audio Adapter - XLR to USB

To put it simply, this little device allows you to take an analogue audio feed and get it into your laptop or tablet as a digital stream via a standard USB socket.

It converts a 3-pin XLR socket to USB 2.0 connector so any professional audio equipment can have its audio converted.

It will work with line inputs, instruments and dynamic microphones. This also means it would work for wireless microphones too!

Setup is very easy with no drivers required to get you up and running. THe unit is powered via USB port so there's no additional power supplies cluttering up your work space and there's a reassurance Power On LED indicator so you know when your item is working.
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