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QTX 188.146UK Thread Adapter for 5/8 inch to 3/8 inch

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Microphone Clip Thread Adapter for 5/8 inch to 3/8 inch - QTX 188.146UK

QTX Quality thread adapter from an authorised QTX agent

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Getting a good tight fix into the microphone clip can be difficult without a huge screwdriver so
just delve into your pocket instead and get a 2p piece out; this will do the job nicely.

  1. #Summary#
    • Microphone clip thread adapter from 3/8" to 5/8"
    • Makes the large thread of the microphone clip smaller
    • Lets you use a microphone clip on a stand with a 3/8 inch thread
    • Outside thread is 5/8 inch and this fits into the microphone clip
    • Inside thread is 3/8 inch and this screws on to the microphone stand
    So you have a microphone clip that doesn't appear to fit your microphone stand? Then you're going to need a microphone thread adapter and that's exactly what this little item is for.

    Microphone clips are the plastic mic holders that screw on to the top of a microphone stand and generally they come with a large internal thread which is known as a 5/8" thread. This is great and generally lots of microphone stands have this 5/8" thread on the top so everything just goes together perfectly.

    However, there are some microphone stands that have a small threaded spigot that sticks out of the top and the thread is clearly too small for the 5/8" size of the microphone clip. This smaller thread is 3/8" size so your normal microphone clip will simply not screw onto this fitting. We've seen all sorts of fixes using BluTack and Gaffer Tape but the correct way to fix this is to use this microphone thread adapter with your mic stand.

    So, how do you fit one of these? We find it easier to screw in the thread adapter to the bottom of the microphone clip first then screw the whole clip on to the top of the stand but it really doesn't matter if you screw this on to the stand first and then screw the microphone clip on after.

    A good little tip for you is that when you screw in the thread adapter to the microphone clip it should be nice and tight but there's no way you'll have a flat blade screwdriver that big; that's when you need to delve into your pocket and get out a 2p piece because that will fit perfectly and let you get a really tight fit into the microphone mount.

    Whilst generally everyone thinks of a microphone clip as the part that sits on the top of a microphone stand and is used by a singer, that's not the only type that could be used. This thread adapter is also handy for shock mount plates, mic clip holders used on lecterns and pretty much any other type of microphone fixing method you can think of. They are also used for musical instrument mounts too so don't just assume this will only just work for microphones!

    We've even seen these thread adapters used as a direct fixing point for goosenecks where they are screwed directly to the surface and a gooseneck microphone, just like the AudioTechnica PRO47T, is screwed to it. This is OK but there's a much nicer way to achieve this using the AT8663 flange mount adapter.

    Some microphone clips, just like our universal microphone clip, come with an adapter already but it's always handy to have a spare kicking about for when the original one mysteriously disappears!

    Just to clarify, this adapter has a 5/8" male thread on the outside with a 3/8 female thread on the inside.

  3. #Technical#
    HEIGHT 15mm
    WEIGHT 40g
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