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QTX DM5X Dynamic Microphones (Set of 5)

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About QTX DM5X Dynamic Microphones (Set of 5)

If you're looking for a set of microphones that won't break the bank then look no further than the QTX DM5X. In this set you're getting 5 individually coloured Dynamic Microphones, ideal for karaoke or speech purposes at your next party. 

The microphones feature durable and brightly coloured plastic bodies and the unidirectional dynamic capsules are protected by steel mesh windshields. Each mic has a sliding on/off switch so it's easy to keep track of which microphones are live.

The set even comes with 5 x 3.0m XLRF to 6.3mm jack leads, so you can be party ready right out of the box. If your system has XLR inputs instead then you'll find a link to these at the bottom of this page.

The Connection is XLR
The Lead Length is 3.0m
The Sensitivity is -68dB (± 3dB)
The Impedance is 600 Ohms (± 30%)
The Frequency Response is 80Hz-14KHz
The Supplied Colours are Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and White

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