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QTX TCM3 Tie Clip Microphone

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About QTX TCM3 Tie Clip Microphone

If you're looking for a reasonably priced tie clip microphone that will plug directly into your sound system, then the QTX TCM3 is the product for you. The omnidirectional mini condenser microphone features a thin, flexible 4.0m long cable that can be easily hidden under clothing.

The tie clip is removable and the microphone comes supplied with a windshield. The unit comes with a 6.3mm mono adaptor which connects directly to your system and features an on/off switch so you can easily tell when the mic is live.

The adaptor also incorporates the battery for the condenser microphone, so phantom power is not required. This battery is even included with the unit so you'll be ready to perform straight out of the box.

The power supply is 1.5V (1 x LR-44, included)
The cable is 4.0m
The connector is a 3.5mm mono jack
The frequency response is 50Hz-18KHz

The impedance is 1k Ohms
The Sensitivity is -62dB

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