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Samson Mics


Microphones from Samson Technologies - Great range of headsets, handhelds, and USB Microphones

Samson Microphones - USB, Dynamic, and Condensor Microphons for every application

Since the 1980's Samson Technologies have been developing wireless and wired microphone systems. They are a leading force in both the professional and consumer markets with a portfolio of over 250 products being sold all over thw world.

Microphones for any budget and covering just about any application, there's always a Samson Microphone to suit your application.

In this modern digital world, connectivity is key and that is not an issue with Samson Microphones. Their range includes all the normal analogue microphone connections that you'd expect, but there's also a super range of USB microphones for direct digital connections too.

What about instrument microphones?

In addition to the large range of vocal and speech microphones that Samson offer, they also have a good offering of instrument microphones too. Ranging from large capsule condensor microphones through to a dedicated drum range that can really take a hammering and come out unscathed.

If you need a reliable microphone at a great price, then you won't go wrong choosing a Samson Microphone

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