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Super-Cardioid Pick Up Pattern

Super-Cardioid Pick Up PatternSo, we’ve looked at the cardioid pickup pattern in our last post but there’s also another cardioid derived pattern called Super-Cardioid.

The super-cardioid pattern has a very similar pickup to the cardioid patter but has an extra rear lobe of pickup capability and the forward pickup angle is generally tighter than the standard cardioid pattern. The tighter forward pattern makes the microphone even better at picking up the wanted noise and rejecting the unwanted noise, but you do need to be extra careful when positioning these microphones to make sure that rear lobe of sensitivity doesn’t pick up unwanted ambient noise. Incorrect positioning of super-cardioid microphones also increases the potential for feedback to be induced as the feed from stage monitors or other loudspeakers can sneak in the back and once that feedback starts it’s a mad panic to get rid of it!

Using the knowledge gained in our last post about how to read microphone polar plots, take a look at the diagram below that represents a super-cardioid pickup pattern:

Straight away you can see that pickup angle of the super-cardioid microphone is tighter. This is most obvious at the 90-degree mark where, at 1kHz, the signal is -10dB on the super-cardioid compared with only -5dB on the cardioid pattern. You should also be able to see this extra lobe of activity round the 150-degree mark that simply isn’t there in a standard cardioid pattern. So, as with everything in life, you can’t have something without sacrificing something else, the tighter forward angle of the super-cardioid pattern may be ideal for you purpose but the sacrifice is this extra little lobe at the rear.

Thanks to Shure and Sennheiser for the images.
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