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TOA Flashing LED's - What do they mean?

TOA Flashing LED's - What do they mean?We get a few telephone calls about this one so we thought we'd give you a quick run down of why it happens.

You may have a TOA radio microphone transmitter that has a red and green LED to show that the unit is on and also to let you know when your battery needs replaced but what happens when these start to flash from green to red?

The reason they alternate from green to red is to let you know there's an issue with the unit but you probably already know that due the fact there's no sound coming out! This can be an easy fix or it may occasionally need to come back to us for repair.

The most common reason for the flashing lights is that you've simply selected the incorrect channel. On the microphones you will find one or two small rotary controls under the battery cover that lets you select the output channel and bank that the unit will use to transmit to the receiver unit. If this is selected incorrectly and there's no frequency stored in the microphone for the combination you've selected then the lights will flash to let you know.

The incorrect selection can be easily resolved; firstly make sure that the channel selection control has clicked into a position correctly. The rotary control has a notch feel as you rotate round and leaving the selector between channels can cause this problem so make sure it is correctly set. If you look down the hole you will also see that the slot has an arrow to show you which channel you've selected so make sure you're on the channel you want. In addition to the channel selection there is also a bank selector too. Most of the microphones we sell are programmed with 16 channels so only Bank 1 will have any frequencies stored. If you've selected Bank 2, 3 or 4 then the chances are your lights will be flashing so make sure Bank 1 is selected. The bank control is there to allow 64 channels to be programmed; this is used for other countries and other bands in the UK but generally you'll be using one of the first 16 in bank 1. Some professional and licenced users may use other banks but this post is not for those users.

Finally, there is a chance that the microphone has been corrupted for some reason and the stored information for frequencies has simply been lost or is inaccessible. If this is the case then you'd need to send it back to us for a re-tune and repair.

So, to summarise, the lights flash because there is no frequency stored for the selection you've made on the rotary controls or because the unit has been corrupted. Select the unit to Bank 1, Channel 0 and see if it works - it probably will.

Any questions about this or any TOA product just drop us an email to [email protected]

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