TOA WM-3310 VHF Lavaliere Radio Microphone

TOA WM-3310 VHF Lavaliere Radio Microphone

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TOA VHF Lavaliere Radio Microphone, 6 Selectable Channel Frequencies.

The WM-3310 lavaliere wireless microphone has been manufactured for use with a VHF system. It incorporates a cardioid pick-up pattern and has been designed for use in speech reinforcement applications. The built-in compressor-expander circuit minimizes the influence from ambient noise.

Unfortunately the WM-3310 is no longer manufactured. Replacement microphones are still available here: 100012769A

Alternatively we do still have stock of Toa VHF handheld mics which would be compatible with your WT 3810 or WT 3800 receiver unit, these can be found here; WM-3220 WM-3210

If you require any advice regarding your system or if you're looking to upgrade, please feel free to call us on 0191 414 4241 and we'll happily discuss options with you.

* TOA WM3310 VHF Lavalier wireless microphone, requires WT 3810 or WT 3800 receiver (sold separately)

  • 6 selectable channel frequencies.
  • Electret condenser cardioid microphone element
  • Maximum input level: 120 dB SPL
  • Input sensitivity control included
  • Belt clip rotatable 360 degrees
  • Lock-equipped mini-plug microphone jack
  • Flashing LED low battery indicator
  • Will also work on older TOA VHF receivers but see Frequency note below

Frequency - D06 or D02?

As standard this unit will be shipped with the D06 range of frequencies. If you have an old TOA system you may require a D02 modification to be completed. If you do need a D02 modification give us a call on 0191 4144241 and we'll arrange this at no extra cost. Alternatively simply put a note on the order requesting a D02 modification.

6 channel D06 frequencies are:

Channel 1 - 173.8 MHz
Channel 2 - 174.0 MHz
Channel 3 - 174.2 MHz
Channel 4 - 174.6 MHz
Channel 5 - 174.8 MHz
Channel 6 - 175.0 MHz

5 channel D02 frequencies are:

Channel 1 - 173.8 MHz
Channel 2 - 174.1 MHz
Channel 3 - 174.5 MHz
Channel 4 - 174.8 MHz
Channel 5 - 175.0 MHz

The older range from TOA, such as the WM-370, were denoted with a Dxxxx number as follows:

D3800 - 173.8 MHz
D4100 - 174.1 MHz
D4500 - 174.5 MHz
D4800 - 174.8 MHz
D5000 - 175.0 MHz

For systems where multiple microphones are required for simultaneous use in the same space the following frequency groups on D06 can be used:

Channel 1 - 173.8 MHz
Channel 2 - 174.0 MHz
Channel 4 - 174.6 MHz
Channel 6 - 175.0 MHz


Channel 1 - 173.8 MHz
Channel 3 - 174.2 MHz
Channel 5 - 174.8 MHz
Channel 6 - 175.0 MHz


 Emission:  F3E
 Frequency Range:  169-216 MHz, VHF* 1
 Channel Selectable:  6 CH
 RF Carrier Power:  Less than 50 mW
 Tone Frequency:  32.768 kHz
 Modulation System:  PLL synthesizer
 Maximum Input Level:  120 dB SPL
 Maximum Deviation:  ±40 kHz
 Battery:  PP3 / 6LR61 (9 V x 1)
 Battery Life:  More than 10 hours (alkaline)
 Indication:  Power/Battery indicator
 Antenna:  1/4 λ wire antenna
 Ambient Temperature:  -10C to +50C
 Finish:  Resin, coating
 Dimensions:  62(W) × 142(H) × 32(D) mm
 Weight:  135 g (with battery)
 Accessory:  Screwdriver
 Microphone Element:  Electret condenser microphone, cardioid
 Cable Length:  1.3 m
 Power Requirement:  DC (supplied from transmitter unit )
 Connector:  ų3.5 plug
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Andrew l.
Thanks for the 5 star review.
Shopping Satisfaction
First class service very helpful on the phone and the product was exactly what I wanted quick delivery.
Donald W.
Perfect, thanks for the 5 star review.
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Does the job.
Gerard K.
Thanks for taking the time to leave your review.
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Spot on. Works perfectly.
Gavin K.
Great to hear! Thanks for the 5 stars.
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This is a back up mic for a church system which already works with a WM3310 - very happy with the performance.
Michael K.
It's always a good idea to have a spare lying around. We're please that you're happy with the performance.
Shopping Satisfaction
1st class radio microphone.
Graham P.
We agree! We're sure the TOA WM-3310 will provide many years of fault free service for you.
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