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TOA microphones and replacement parts

Get the Best Price on your TOA Microphone

JustMics is a leading supplier of microphone systems and spare parts. We offer the widest range of microphones online, sourced from market leaders to guarantee product quality.

We've been selling TOA microphones since 1972 so we are the best company for you. With years of experience in the Sound and Audio industry, we are a dedicated team willing to help if you need any advice or cannot find the mic you're looking for.

Whether you need a microphone or replacement part, you'll find it shopping at JustMics: clips, headset microphones, batteries... we have it all covered!

Did you know that TOA invented the megaphone? Well they did so that proves their heritage in the world of audio and the skills they have in microphone production.

The TOA range of microphones include boundary, desktop paging, goosenecks, hand held, tie clips and headsets.

These are available in wired versions as well as UHF, VHF and 2 4GHz wireless. Encompassing the Trantec brand TOA Corporation are a force to be reckoned with and we can offer their entire range to you at the best prices in the UK.

TOA WH-4000S Windscreens
£ 31.20
(-20.00%) £ 24.96
TOA AD-5000-2 Power Supply
£ 62.40
(-20.00%) £ 49.92
TOA WH-4000A Aerobic Headset
£ 73.20
(-20.00%) £ 58.56
TOA AD-5000-6 Power Supply
£ 74.40
(-20.00%) £ 59.52
TOA PM660 Paging Microphone
£ 79.40
(-19.99%) £ 63.53
TOA PM660U Paging Microphone
£ 95.58
(-20.00%) £ 76.46
TOA PM660D Paging Microphone
£ 95.58
(-20.00%) £ 76.46
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