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TOA Replacement Microphone for WM-370, WM-3310 and WM-4310 (100012769A)

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TOA 100012769A Replacement Microphone and Lead:

Genuine TOA replacement part from an authorised TOA dealer.

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Keep your mouth 15 – 20 cm away from the microphone for the best possible sound reproduction.
Take care not to bring your mouth too close to the microphone (within 5 cm) as this impairs speech clarity if you speak loudly
  1. #Summary#
    • Microphone and lead for TOA belt pack transmitters
    • Compatible with TOA WM-370 VHF transmitter
    • Compatible with TOA WM-4310 UHF transmitter
    • Compatible with TOA WM-3310 VHF transmitter
    • Screw clamp included for WM-4310 and WM-3310
    • Screw clamp can be removed when used with WM-370
    • Clothing clip not included - see TOA Spare Part G2640

    If your TOA microphone system is crackling and banging when you move the belt pack transmitter, or you adjust the microphone position, then you will need to replace the microphone and lead. The TOA 100012769a is the genuine TOA replacement microphone that you need.

    To correct the issue with the sound system simply order the item from us, wait for it to arrive, unplug the old microphone and fit the new one. It is as simple as that! Don't forget though, this spare part does not come with the clothing clip so you'll need to hang on to your old one or order a replacement G2640 as part of this order.

    This microphone was originally supplied with the old WM-370 transmitters as well as the WM-3310 which replaced the WM-370 many years ago. It was also the supplied microphone with the newer UHF model WM-4310. We've included to pictures of the compatible transmitters to make sure you're confident that this will work with your belt pack transmitter.

    The WM-3310 and WM-4310 belt pack transmitter has a recessed socket for this to fit into and the cable is secured with a screw down cap. This TOA replacement part comes complete with that clamp so you're good to go if you have either of those transmitters. If you have the old style WM-370 belt pack then you will not need the screw down clamp. You have three options to deal with this:

    • Cut it off, but this will require you to use a suitable removal implement which could present a danger to you and possible damage to the item,
    • Ask us to cut it off for you - just drop a quick note on your order and we'll do this before we send it out,
    • Leave it on as it does no harm anyway and has no effect on fitment or performance.

  3. #Technical#
    ELEMENT Condenser
    POLAR PATTERN Cardioid
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 100Hz - 12,000Hz
    IMPEDANCE Not Applicable
    WEIGHT 20 grams (0.71 oz.)
    CABLE 850mm terminated in a 3.5mm (1/8") unbalanced jack
    ACCESSORIES None included
  4. #Downloads#
    Datasheet for TOA 100012769A Replacement Microphone

    Please call 0191 4144241 option 2 option 2 if you have any technical queries.
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
The congregation can hear the vicar clearly again.
Pauline H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good to have Mike that causes no interference.
Geoff C.
Glad it sorted your issue. Crackling on these is often caused by wrapping the wire around the belt pack so if you can avoid this, your new mic serve you well for many years. Thanks for the 5 stars.
Shopping Satisfaction
Working perfectly on receipt.
Bill P.
It's always worth buying genuine spare parts. Thanks for the 5 star review.
Shopping Satisfaction
A like for like replacement for the original which had developed an intermittent connection somewhere.
Nigel C.
We always use genuine TOA replacement parts so a like for like item is guaranteed. Thanks for the review.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent though I ordered the wrong parts and have been allowed to exchange them.
Stewart s.
Mistakes happen and we're always happy to help resolve them without any fuss.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works perfectly.
Lorna K.
We'd expect no less! Thanks for the 5 stars :).
Shopping Satisfaction
It fitted our transmitter.
Robert G.
Always guaranteed with genuine replacement parts.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very good.
Ed O.
That's the way we like to start a year! Straight in with a 5 star reviews. Thanks :).
Shopping Satisfaction
Item ordered arrived sooner than expected and was as ordered. Thank you!
Nicky S.
We try our best to get all orders out the same day but we are often at the mercy of Royal Mail to do their but too. Glad to hear that they did just that on this occasion! Thanks for the 5 stars.
Shopping Satisfaction
The Toa mic is very good and worth getting knowing that it would be compatible with the WM-4310 unit which I needed it for. Also the mic clip which I ordered with it is well made and made to fit the recess on the collar of the mic. holding the mic firmly and mic can be rotated.within it.
Michael J.
Great review and thanks for the 5 stars.
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