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TOA WH-4000S Windscreens

TOA WH-4000S Windscreens

(Code: TOA_WH-4000S)
Availability date: 1 Oct 2020

£ 31.20
£ 24.96

About TOA WH-4000S Windscreens

TOA WH-4000S Windscreens

The WH-4000S is a replacement windscreen set used exclusively for the Headset Microphone. It contains 10 pieces of windscreens. 

For use on
  • WH-4000A
  • WH-4000H
  • WM-5320A
  • WM-5320H

*Please note the image shown is not correct. A correct image will be added soon. The actual windshield is a black cylinder 24mm tall with a diameter of 23mm. It has only one entry hole which is on the side and is 8.5mm in diameter. Apologies for the error and thanks to the kind customer who took the time to let us know the image was incorrect.

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