TOA WM-5325 UHF Belt-pack Transmitter without Microphone, Rechargeable

TOA WM-5325 UHF Belt-pack Transmitter without Microphone, Rechargeable

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TOA UHF Belt-pack Transmitter w/o Microphone, Rechargeable

The WM-5325 wireless transmitter has been manufctured for use with a UHF system. It is for use in speech reinforcement applications. Thanks to the PLL-synthesizer system, 64 different operating frequencies are made available. A high output power ensures stable radio signal transmission. 


Modulation:Frequency modulation
Frequency Range:576 - 937.5 MHz (*2), UHF
Channel Selectable:64 channels (the number of channels may differ from country to country)
RF Carrier Power:Less than 50 mW (Factory preset 10 mW ERP)
Tone Frequency:32.768 kHz
Oscillator: PLL synthesised
Maximum Input Level:-14 dB to -29 dB (*1) (Audio level control: Min. to Max.)
Maximum Deviation:±40 kHz
Audio Frequency Response:100 Hz - 15 kHz
Battery:WB-2000 (WB-2000-2 contains 2 pieces) rechargeable battery (option)or AA alkaline dry cell battery
Battery Life:Approx. 13 h (when the WB-2000 rechargeable battery is used) Approx. 10 h (when the alkaline battery is used)
Indicator:Power/Battery lamps
Antenna:Built-in type
Connector:φ3.5 mm (φ0.14") mini plug
Operating Temperature:-10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F) (except battery)
Operating Humidity:30 % to 85 %RH (no condensation)
Finish:Resin, coating
Dimensions:62 (W) × 102.5 (H) × 23 (D) mm (2.44" × 4.04" × 0.91")
Weight:90 g (0.2 lb) (with battery)

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Frequency : Channel 70 (D04) (863-865MHz)
It looks in good order but alas I have not been able to try it out thanks to the Corvid-19 lockdown. I will respond further once this surreal situation has passed.
Darren S.
Thanks for leaving your review. Sometimes our site is a bit quick to ask for a review and hopefully we can squeeze that 5th star out of you next time 😉
Shopping Satisfaction
Frequency : Channel 70 (D04) (863-865MHz)
Solid mics, used with confidence in worship service for church for main speaker.
Gordon P.
Totally agree, great product, thanks for the 5 stars.
Shopping Satisfaction
Frequency : Channel 70 (D04) (863-865MHz)
Just what we needed to match existing equipment and replace a faulty transmitter and mike.
Albert J.
Glad to hear we had what you needed and it all worked out for you.
Shopping Satisfaction
Replacement for exisitng item, just perfect.
Gordon P.
TOA make some great products and we think they're perfect too :).
Shopping Satisfaction
Suitable replacement.
A C D L.
Thanks for the review and 5 stars - much appreciated.
Shopping Satisfaction
Bought to replace one that was very old.
Jonathan O.
We're sure this one will also live to a ripe old age and provide years of service for you.
Shopping Satisfaction
Additional mic pack to supplement our ageing TOA WM-5320 model.
Identical in size and controls to WM-5320 but no doubt has been refined.

Howard H.
Thanks for the product review. Glad to hear the new model is an improvement on the old.
Shopping Satisfaction
We had some difficulty getting th new unit to communicate with an old receiver, but thanks to the advice that a technical guru was able to offer it is now working fine.
We pride ourselves on our customer service both during and after the sale of the item. It's great to hear that we managed help you out and thanks for taking the time to leave feedback about your experience.
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