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Trantec HM-66 (MIC-TS66-YEL) Aerobic Headset - Yellow (4 pole lemo)

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About Trantec HM-66 (MIC-TS66-YEL) Aerobic Headset - Yellow (4 pole lemo)

The Trantec MIC-TS66-YEL is the yellow version of the HM-66 microphone terminated with a 4 pole lemo connector. The yellow colour makes it easy for you to identify your microphone from others and looks great if you wear yellow kit for you classes! Don't worry though, if you wear other colours the microphone is also available in black or blue so there's no excuse not to match! Check out the related items section for all your options.

The HM-66 range includes moisture and sweat resistance to make sure they can withstand the tough environment of the aerobic and high intesity sports environments. The flexible, but discrete, 4mm gooseneck is ideal for you to make sure the microphone is not only comfortable but also is positioned to maximise the quality of audio in your class. Feedback is minimised when using this microphone as it has a super-cardioid pick up pattern that rejects unwanted noise from the room which is what causes your feedback in the first place; this doesn't mean you can crank your system up to full and get no feedback but this type of head certainly helps. If you'd like to know more about the super-cardioid pattern have a quick read of this:

Click here to learn about the super-cardioid pick up pattern.

Specification of the MIC-TS66-YEL

Type Super cardioid electret condenser
Nominal Impedance 3000 ohms
Max SPL 125dB
Operating Voltage 2-10 volts min/max
Current Consumption 50uA
Frequency response 60Hz-16kHz ±3 dB
Cable Length 1500mm
Connector 4 pole lemo connector
Colours Available Yellow

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