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Trantec LM-22 (MIC-SJ212-B-R) Lapel Microphone - Black (3.5mm Jack Plug)

(Code: TRA_MIC-SJ212-B-R)
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About Trantec LM-22 (MIC-SJ212-B-R) Lapel Microphone - Black (3.5mm Jack Plug)

The Trantec MIC-SJ212-B-R is the black version of the popular, beige coloured, MIC-SJ-212-P-R. Both commonly known as the LM-22 the microphone is of the highest quality and will faithfully reproduce your vocal, speech or instrument input.

More suited to use with darker clothing the MIC-SJ212-B-R has been produced to work with S4.04 and S4.10 belt packs.

Capable of reproducing intelligbile speech and vocals the microphone can also be used instrument pick up too. Ideal for use in the theatre as the microphone includes a resistance to make-up and moisture.

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Omnidirectional electret condenser

Nominal Impedance

4400 Ohms

Max. SPL

>120dB (high SPL version available)

Operating Voltage

2-10 Volts min/max

Current Consumption

12-25uA min/max

Frequency Response

40Hz - 16kHz +3dB

Cable Length


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