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Trantec LM-22 (MIC-TS212-P-R) Lapel Microphone - Beige (4 pole lemo)

(Code: TRA_MIC-TS212-P-R)
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About Trantec LM-22 (MIC-TS212-P-R) Lapel Microphone - Beige (4 pole lemo)

Trantec MIC-TS212-P-R is part of the LM-22 range and comes with a 4 pole lemo connector fitted. Beige in colour but often referred to as pink.

The microphone capsule is of the highest quality and is capable of picking up the finest nuances of an audio source. Combined with the very small form factor and low profile the microphone is perfect where a discrete look is reqiured.

The microphone has protection against moisture penetration and is listed as being cosmetic resistance making it perfect for theatre use but these extra layers of protection also make it a perfect choice for demanding applications where a long life is expected.

This is the beige version of the microphone but the MIC-TS212 is also available in black - MIC-TS212-B-R

Technical Specs:




Omnidirectional electret condenser

Nominal Impedance

4400 Ohms

Max. SPL

>120dB (high SPL version available)

Operating Voltage

2-10 Volts min/max

Current Consumption

12-25uA min/max

Frequency Response

40Hz - 16kHz +3dB

Cable Length


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