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Trantec LM-55 (MIC-SJ55) Lavalier Microphone (3.5mm Jack Plug)

(Code: TRA_MIC-SJ55)
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£ 105.00

About Trantec LM-55 (MIC-SJ55) Lavalier Microphone (3.5mm Jack Plug)

The Trantec LM-55 (MIC-SJ55) lapel microphone is ideal for use with the S4.04-BTX or S4.10-BTX belt pack transmitters that form part of the S4.04L and S4.10L kits.

The lavalier microphone is ideal for speech, vocal use and instrument pickup thanks to the extended, very flat frequency response. The discrete 2.5mm diameter cable allows for very discrete use and at 1.5m long the lead is perfect to make sure the belt pack transmitter can be tucked out of sight.

The high quality cable combined with the rugged construction make for an extremely durable product which has built in RF immunity protection to stop unwanted RF noise being induced into the signal. This also helps reduce unwanted handling and clothing noise which in turn provides a more intelligible broadcast.

The wideband omni directional pick up pattern makes placement very easy and the compact design will be virtually invisible against dark clothing. 
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