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Trantec LM-55 (MIC-TS55) Lavalier Microphone (4 pole lemo)

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About Trantec LM-55 (MIC-TS55) Lavalier Microphone (4 pole lemo)

The MIC-TS55 is a version of the Trantec LM-55. The lavalier microphone has a a sub-miniature microphone capsule allowing for a discrete use and, thanks to its 1.5m lead,makes it suitable for almost any belt pack position. The TS55 is terminated in a 4 pin lemo connector in line with all the Trantec TS microphones.

Ideal for speech broadcast but also suitable for music capture as the microphone has a very flat response. So whether you're connecting to a sound system in church or recording audio in a interview this microphone will do the job and give you a faithful reprodustion of the original source. The microphone construction is robust and helps minimise handling and clothing noise; the balanced cable and internal RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) protection results in a very clean audio signal.

The omni-directional pickup pattern provides ease of placement and still picks up great quality audio.

Tech specs:

TypeOmni-directional electret condenser
Nominal Impedance34700 ohms
Max SPL>120dB
Operating Voltage2-20 volts min/max
Current Consumption50uA
Frequency response30Hz -16 kHz, ±3dB
Cable Length1500mm

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