Trantec LM-55 (MIC-X55) Lavalier Microphone (4 pin mini XLR)

(Code: TRA_MIC-X55)
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The Trantec LM-55 version MIC-X55 comprises of a sub-miniature capsule allowing for a discrete use and is terminated in a 4 pin mini XLR. It is ideal for speech purposes in communication applications over public address systems and is perfectly suited to music recording. This is thanks to the microphones flat frequency response so you can rest assured that sound you're trying to capture will be picked up without amendments by this microphone.

Fitted with a 1.5m long cable it will suit most beltpack positions and the tiny 2.5mm cable will be easy to conceal. Eventhough the cable is small the internal balanced wires and spiral wound shielding guarantee the highest quality, interference free, audio pick up and internal RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) protection helps keep out those unwanted noises such as mobile phone interference.

The composite steel retainer and moulded cable relief help minimise handling noise and the rugged package combine with the quality lead means there's virtually no handling or clothing noise concerns.

The frequency response of the microphone is very wide and the omni-directional pickup pattern makes placement easy and flexible for virtually all applications.

Here's the technical information if you need it:

Type Omni-directional electret condenser
Nominal Impedance 34700 ohms
Max SPL >120dB
Operating Voltage 2-20 volts min/max
Current Consumption 50uA
Frequency response 30Hz -16 kHz, ±3dB
Cable Length 1500mm
Colour Black

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