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Trantec S4.04E UHF 4 Frequency Earworn System (Channel 70)

(Code: TRA_S404-E-EB-GD5)
£ 322.80
£ 258.24

About Trantec S4.04E UHF 4 Frequency Earworn System (Channel 70)

Ideal for every application that requires a discrete headworn system where the user remains fairly static and does not get over animated during the presentation or speech. The S4.04E (S4.04-E-EB-GD5) from Trantec uses the EM77 microphone to ensure a fixed distance between the microphone head and mouth are maintained. This results in a faithful reproduction of the spoken word or vocal without variance in volume that can be experienced when using a tie clip solution such as the S4.04L system.

The EM77 headset is designed and ideal for conference use, theatres, educational and houses of workshop. Plugging directly into the S4.04-BTX belt pack unit the headset will operate for up to 10 hours from a single AA alkaline battery. The main receiver for the kit is the S4.04-RX that has output connections via balanced 3 pin XLR and 1/4" (6.3mm) jack for connection to your microphone or auxilliary inputs.

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