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Trantec S4.04W Aerobic Headset System

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About Trantec S4.04W Aerobic Headset System:

If you're an aerobics or fitness instructor looking for an affordable, reliable and durable wireless headset system then look no further than the Trantec S4.04W (S4.04-W-EB-GD5) system. Built on the huge success of the previous S4.4W system the new S4.04 series will provide crystal clear audio and get your classes going in no time at all.

The SJ66 microphone has been specifically designed for aerobic use so it will stand up to the intense requirements of the fitness world and give you a great return on investment. The MIC-SJ66 is also available as a spare part so when you eventually need to replace the headset microphone you will be able to purchase only the microphone and not need to fork out for a whole new kit. For the fashion conscious of you it is also available in different colours but the kit as standard comes with a black microphone.

The system couldn't be easier to use with the headset plugging directly into the S4.04-BTX beltpack transmitter that will provide 10 hours of use from a single AA battery. This needs to be an alkaline, good quality battery, so don't scrimp and save on cheap batteries as they will let you down and it's the biggest issue you fitness instructors have when we answer your queries.

The S4.04-BTX belt pack transmitter can be securely worn around the waist using the ACC-AB1000 neoprene belt that's included with the kit.

Your audio will be transmitted to the S4.04-RX receiver unit via licence free channel 70 frequencies and you can select up to 4 different frequencies by the easy to use controls on both the receiver and belt pack transmitter. This will ensure you don't conflict with other Trantec microphones if you're in a crowded or well used venue.

The S4.04-RX receiver offers a balanced microphone output via a 3 pin XLR connector for connection to microphone inputs and a 6.3mm or 1/4" jack connection for aux and line levels inputs. The kit does not include any connection leads to the sound system so make sure you add one to your cart or, if you're not sure what you need, just get in touch with us and we'll help you out.

As we like to be honest and provide our customers with the best support we must point out that unlike the older S4.4 series the S4.04 series does not have a volume control on the receiver so it will need to be used into a device that allows volume control of its inputs. If you do need a radio microphone system for aerobic use with volume control then take a look at the S4.10-W kit instead. Most systems do have volume controls on the inputs but we've had a couple of customers who said it would've been nice to know about this amendment from the S4.4 range so that's why we've added it here. If you're in any doubt just give us a ring or email and we'll help you out.

Don't forget to have a look at the dedicated Trantec Carry Case too which will protect your equipment during transit and storage prolonging the life of the product to ultimately save you money.

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Present for fitness instructor, good quality, easy to use and good value for money.
John O.
Thanks for leaving your review. Perfect choice for a fitness instructor.
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